Friday, January 1, 2010 my pants

Four days ago, my incredibly new husband and I were lying in bed on the verge of sleep. However, as grown up as we should be to have just gotten married the day before, we started adding the famous "in my pants" the end of book titles. And as much as I love John Green, two out the three books that he has written were my two favourites:

An Abundance of Katherines IN MY PANTS
Looking for Alaska IN MY PANTS

and although these aren't John Green, they're still wonderful:

Angels and Demons IN MY PANTS
Everybody Poops IN MY PANTS
Pooh Gets Stuck IN MY PANTS

So, my obviously very mature husband and myself went on to do this with many more books and went through every book we could think of (which isn't an extreme amount since we don't actually read that often) and then on to movies and TV shows:

She's the Man in my Pants
How I Met Your Mother in my Pants
What Happens in Vegas in my Pants
The Ugly Truth in my Pants
Desperate Housewives in my Pants

When I talked to my younger friend the next day, she first pointed out how adult we were (not very) and then went on to tell me about how you can also go through children's books and add "in bed" to make them automatically funnier. I went to and searched. Here's the best I found:

Never Smile at a Monkey in Bed
Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Bed
(heh, wonder what happens in the second book...!)

To be completely honest, I like "in my pants" better, but it was a fun experiment...I mean, I did learn to NEVER smile at a monkey in bed. That's my lesson for the day.
It's just another one of those great joys in my pants!